Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Producer for Gemini 13's upcoming EP

Later this month, I will be returning to the role of producer for Gemini 13 on their debut EP!  They are hoping to record three songs with the Mystery Men?'s own Jay Wallace.  Gemini 13 is an up-and-coming trad surf combo from Atlanta.  Stay tuned for more updates on the project and in the meantime, Gemini 13 can be found on both ReverbNation and facebook.

Mention on Luxuria Music's Fiberglass Jungle podcast

Fiberglass Jungle's Jonpaul Balak presents the very best in recordings that fall under the wide instrumental Surf Music umbrella. This base encompasses the “pre-surf” instrumental Rock n’ Roll tunes of the late 50s, the classic “First Wave” originators of the early 60s, the “Second Wave” bands of the late 70s and early 80s, the crossover, genre-blending “Third Wave” bands of the 90s, the cutting-edge, description-defiant melting pot of current-day innovators, as well as a healthy dose of Spaghetti Western, international styles such as Japanese Eleki and Finnish Rautalanka, Surf-Guitar-based Exotica, Easy Listening, and Crime Jazz.

This podcast has been quite supportive lately, playing tracks from both the Squares and the Mystery Men?  The most recent episode from 10/12/13 played a track from the album I produced earlier this year, Kill, Baby...Kill!'s "Corridor X", followed by a mention of my name!  

Please be sure to check out Fiberglass Jungle.