Sunday, January 15, 2012

Sorry no Ferrari

 Sorry no Ferrari was an instrumental progressive rock band active from 2004 to 2011.  It was founded by myself on guitar, Drew Mobley on bass, Drew Bacon on guitar, and Justin Smith on drums.  That lineup recorded our first ep and Drew Bacon and Justin were replaced by Brett Kelly (current Tealights) and Sonny Harding respectively.  After recording our second ep, we went through a couple of drummers until we hit our stride with Jonathan "JB" Balsamo (current Palaces).  We recorded our first full length album "Ternary" on Stickfigure Records to some acclaim.  So much extra work was done on the recording our very dear friend Nick Pantano was added to the fold to fill in the extra space.  SnF toured throughout the east several times and got to play with some amazing bands.

Sorry no Ferrari - "Ternary"
Track listing:
1. Ternary I:  The Singularity
2. Ternary II:  With Folded Hands
3. Ternary III:  Future Prometheus
4. Ashar
5. Setun
6. Talos I
7. Talos II

Ternary can be heard in it's entirety (as well as purchased) here as well as on iTunes, and streamed on Spotify


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